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Author Title Date
Thomas F. Rossi (Cambridge Systematics) Lessons Learned from Backcasting and Forecasting Exercises (December 14, 2016) 12/14/2016
Brian Gardner, Eric Pihl (FHWA); Brian Hurley, ODOT and Yanping Zhang, DCHC MPO Implementation of the Rapid Policy Assessment Tool (November 2, 2016) 11/02/2016
Ken Cervenka (FTA) and Howard Slavin, President, Caliper Corporation Federal Administration's Traffic Assignment and Feedback Research to Support Improved Travel Forecasting (October 26, 2016) 10/26/2016
Daniel Morgan, Vice President, Caliper Corporation Dynamic Traffic Assignment: A Practical Approach (September 14, 2016) 09/14/2016
Krishna Patnam and David Roden (AECOM) How to Calibrate and Validate a Regional DTA Model for Planning Applications (June 22, 2016) 06/22/2016
Ed Hard, Byron Chigoy and Praprut Songchitruksa (TTI) New Technology Sources for Origin-Destination (O-D) Data: Overview and Lessons Learned (May 12, 2016) 05/12/2016
Brian Gregor (Oregon Systems Analystics) VisionEval: A Modeling System for Building Strategic Planning Models 04/07/2016
Brian Gregor (Oregon Systems Analystics) Design and Estimation of GreenSTEP and RSPM (March 10, 2016) 03/10/2016
Brian Gregor (Oregon Systems Analytics) Introduction to GreenSTEP, the RSPM, and Related Strategic Planning Models (February 11, 2016) 02/11/2016