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Author Title Date
TMIP TMIP DMDU Project Meeting - VisionEval Follow-up Session 12/21/2020
TMIP TMIP DMDU Project Meeting - VisionEval Session 12/16/2020
TMIP TMIP DMDU Project Meeting - TMIP-EMAT 11/20/2020
Christopher Lamm; Rowinski, Jakub; Miguel Jaller; Takanori Sakai; Andre Romano Alho; Peiyu Jing; Pourabdollahi, Zahra E-commerce demand analysis and implementation in urban/regional freight transportation and supply chain forecasting models 10/29/2020
Garett Ballard-Rosa Hsi-Hwa Hu Steven W. Popper Robert J. Lempert Incorporating Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty (DMDU) Approaches in Transportation Planning Activities: A Pilot Study 10/08/2020
Alex Bettinardi TMIP Webinar - Testing and Results of TMIP-EMAT at ODOT 05/28/2020
Robert Lempert and Garett Ballard-Rosa A Demonstration of Robust Decision Making at SACOG 04/29/2020