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Authorsort descending Title Date
Becky Knudson (ODOT); Brian Gregor (ODOT) Scenario Testing 01/06/2008
Bill Woodford (AECOM) Shining a Light Inside the Black Box 1 01/01/2008
Brian Gardner (FHWA); Jeff Shelton (TTI) Large Area Transport Simulations: Climbing the Mountain - Near Term Research Challenges 01/08/2010
Catherine T. Lawson (University at Albany); Catherine Morency (Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal); Christopher M. Monsere (USP); Michael L. Pack (University of Maryland in College Park) Using Visualization Techniques to Communicate Transportation Planning Data 01/10/2008
Christopher Lamm; Rowinski, Jakub; Miguel Jaller; Takanori Sakai; Andre Romano Alho; Peiyu Jing; Pourabdollahi, Zahra E-commerce demand analysis and implementation in urban/regional freight transportation and supply chain forecasting models 10/29/2020
Darcy Bullock (Purdue); Stan Young (University of Maryland Center for Advanced Transportation Technology/Traffic Inc.); Nick Cohn (TomTom) Using New Technologies for Travel Speed and O/D Data 01/06/2010
Dr. Kouros Mohammadian (University of Illinois at Chicago) Data Transferability and Data Mining 12/31/2009
Dr. Kristin Tufte (Portland State University); Deena Platman (Metro) Portal 2.0 - A Next-Generation Data Archive for the Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan Region 01/05/2010
Dr. Michael Mahut (INRO Consultants); Dr. Travis Waller (U. of Texas at Austin) Dynamic Traffic Assignment #1: DTA in a Nutshell 01/07/2009
Jim Hicks (PB Americas); Natarajan "Jana" Janarthanan (Fehr & Peers); Ming-Bang Shyu (Fehr & Peers) Dynamic Traffic Assignment #4: No Sweat, a More Detailed Look at DTA (Part 2) 01/09/2009
Joel Freedman (PB); John Gliebe (RSG) Activity-Based Modeling Frameworks and Techniques Session 4 01/03/2012
Joel Freedman (PB); John Gliebe (RSG) Activity-Based Modeling Tour Mode-Intermediate Stop Location-Trip Mode Session 10 01/10/2012
Kermit Wies (CMAP); Monique Urban (Cambridge Systematics); Maren Outwater (RSG) Tour-Based & Supply Chain Freight Modeling in Chicago 12/31/2012
Martin Milkovits and Jeffrey Newman Using TMIP-EMAT for Exploratory Analysis 11/13/2019
Michael Anderson (University of Alabama, Huntsville); Gregory Harris ( University of Alabama, Huntsville) Integrating Freight Data into Transportation Models 01/01/2010
Paul Waddell (UC Berkeley) Forecasting Land Use Activities 7 - Modeling Real Estate Supply 01/09/2011
Paul Waddell (UC Berkeley); Carlos Vanegas (Purdue) Forecasting Land Use Activities 8 - Creating and Visualizing Land Use Forecasting Scenarios 01/10/2011
Rebekah Anderson (ODOT); Zhuojun Jiang (MORPC) ODOT Experience Using its Activity-Based Model 01/01/2013
Sandra Rodriguez (PTV NuStats); Joan Walker (UC Berkeley); Jerry Jariyasunant (UC Berkeley); Cy Smith (AirSage) Webinar on SmartPhones and Travel Behavior 01/04/2012
Stacey Bricka (TTI); Kermit Wies (CMAP); Becky Knudson (ODOT); Erik Sabina (DRCOG); Rebekah Anderson (ODOT); Kuo-Ann Chiao (NYMTC); Guy Rousseau (ARC); Jonathan Ehrlich (Metropolitan Council) Household Travel Surveys: Methodological Challenges and Opportunities 12/31/2010