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Authorsort descending Title Date
Doug Laird (FHWA) Shining a Light Inside the Black Box 4 01/04/2008
Dr. Alex Karner Equity Analysis Data, Measures, and Methods for MPOs and Transit Agencies 02/15/2019
Dr. Timothy Bray Using ACS Multi-Year Estimates for Neighborhood Analyses (2014) 05/15/2014
Dwayne Weeks and Nazrul Islam WMATA SafeTrack Surges – Impact on The Regional Transportation System 06/27/2018
Ed Christopher (FHWA); Chris Hiebert (SEWRPC); Kermit Wies (CMAP); Clara Reschovsky (MWCOG); Karen Fausset (MDOT); Jack Lorbeer (RTC) Washoe County; Neil Kilgren (PSRC); Ed Christopher (FHWA) Household Travel Survey - Lessons Learned 01/05/2008
Ed Hard, Byron Chigoy and Praprut Songchitruksa (TTI) New Technology Sources for Origin-Destination (O-D) Data: Overview and Lessons Learned (May 12, 2016) 05/12/2016
Elgar, Ilan and Bindra, Sumit Managing Forecasting Uncertainty – Practical Examples of Using Exploratory Modeling from Metro Vancouver 12/07/2021
Elizabeth Sall (SFCTA) SFCTA's Experience Using its SF-CHAMP Activity-Based Model 01/14/2012
Eric Pihl (FHWA); Guy Rousseau (ARC) Introduction to Travel Demand Forecasting 01/07/2010
Erik Sabina (DRCOG); Suzanne Childress (DRCOG) Building and Calibrating Activity-Based Models: Stories from the Trenches 01/04/2010
Erik Sabina (DRCOG); Thomas Rossi (Cambridge Systematics) DRCOG's Experience Using its FOCUS Activity-Based Model 01/15/2012
Garett Ballard-Rosa Hsi-Hwa Hu Steven W. Popper Robert J. Lempert Incorporating Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty (DMDU) Approaches in Transportation Planning Activities: A Pilot Study 10/08/2020
Gregory Giaimo (ODOT); Doug Laird (FHWA) Project Level Forecasting 01/07/2008
Guy Rousseau (ARC); Arash Mirzaei (NCTCOG); Kathy Yu (NCTCOG); Behruz Paschai (NCTCOG) Sharing Travel Model Development and Estimation Experience 01/11/2009
Jeff Shelton (TTI); David Roden (AECOM) Dynamic Traffic Assignment #3: No Sweat, a More Detailed Look at DTA (Part 1) 01/10/2009
Jeffrey Newman, Cambridge Systematics Connecting TMIP-EMAT and VisionEval for ExploratoryAnalysis 06/28/2021
Jeremy Raw (FHWA); Brian Gregor (ODOT) Using R for Travel Modeling 01/02/2011
Jim Hicks (PB Americas); Natarajan "Jana" Janarthanan (Fehr & Peers); Arash Mirzaei (NCTCOG); Jeff Shelton (TTI); Dr. Sarath Joshua (MAG); Doug Laird (FHWA) Dynamic Traffic Assignment #2: Putting DTA to Work 01/08/2009
Joel Freedman (PB); John Gliebe (RSG) Activity-Based Modeling Network Integration Session 11 01/11/2012
Joel Freedman (PB); Kostas Goulias (UC Santa Barbara) Activity-Based Modeling Accessibility and Treatment of Space Session 6 01/06/2012