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Paul Waddell (UC Berkeley) Forecasting Land Use Activities 7 - Modeling Real Estate Supply 01/09/2011
Paul Waddell (UC Berkeley); Carlos Vanegas (Purdue) Forecasting Land Use Activities 8 - Creating and Visualizing Land Use Forecasting Scenarios 01/10/2011
Matt Haynes (Fehr and Peers); Seth Andrzejewski (Fehr and Peers); Chade Saghir (SEMGOG); Li-yang Feng (SEMCOG) GIS-based Bicycle and Pedestrian Demand Forecasting and Traffic Count Programs 01/03/2010
Brian Gardner (FHWA) Highlights from the 2008 TRB Annual Meeting 12/31/2007
Ed Christopher (FHWA); Chris Hiebert (SEWRPC); Kermit Wies (CMAP); Clara Reschovsky (MWCOG); Karen Fausset (MDOT); Jack Lorbeer (RTC) Washoe County; Neil Kilgren (PSRC); Ed Christopher (FHWA) Household Travel Survey - Lessons Learned 01/05/2008
Stacey Bricka (TTI); Kermit Wies (CMAP); Becky Knudson (ODOT); Erik Sabina (DRCOG); Rebekah Anderson (ODOT); Kuo-Ann Chiao (NYMTC); Guy Rousseau (ARC); Jonathan Ehrlich (Metropolitan Council) Household Travel Surveys: Methodological Challenges and Opportunities 12/31/2010
Krishna Patnam and David Roden (AECOM) How to Calibrate and Validate a Regional DTA Model for Planning Applications (June 22, 2016) 06/22/2016
Vince Bernardin, PhD (RSG) How to Develop Travelshed TAZs like Tennessee Presented (December 18, 2014) 12/18/2014
Tom Adler, Ph.D., RSG How to Forecast Uncertainty in Travel Forecasts 04/05/2018
TMIP How to Get Started with TMIP-EMAT 05/11/2021
Thomas Rossi How to Make the Most of Your Models in a Rapidly Changing World 04/26/2023
Vince Bernardin, Jr., (Bernardin, Lochmueller & Associates); Michael Conger (Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization); Seyed Shokouhzadeh (Evansville MPO) Hybrid Trip-Based/Tour-Based Models 01/02/2010
Brian Gardner, Eric Pihl (FHWA); Brian Hurley, ODOT and Yanping Zhang, DCHC MPO Implementation of the Rapid Policy Assessment Tool (November 2, 2016) 11/02/2016
Bill Woodford Improving Existing Travel Models and Forecasting Processes 05/15/2014
Garett Ballard-Rosa Hsi-Hwa Hu Steven W. Popper Robert J. Lempert Incorporating Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty (DMDU) Approaches in Transportation Planning Activities: A Pilot Study 10/08/2020
Vladimir Livshits – Maricopa Association of Governments; Shuyao Hong – Maricopa Association of Governments; Petya Maneva - Maricopa Association of Governments; Arup Dutta– Maricopa Association of Governments; Peter Vovsha – WSP; Jim Hicks- WSP; Kyunghwi (KJ) Jeon - Maricopa Association of Governments Innovations in MAG Activity-Based Model and Incorporation of Travel Time Reliability in Modeling Procedures (December 20, 2017) 12/20/2017
Michael Anderson (University of Alabama, Huntsville); Gregory Harris ( University of Alabama, Huntsville) Integrating Freight Data into Transportation Models 01/01/2010
Brian Gregor (Oregon Systems Analytics) Introduction to GreenSTEP, the RSPM, and Related Strategic Planning Models (February 11, 2016) 02/11/2016
Eric Pihl (FHWA); Guy Rousseau (ARC) Introduction to Travel Demand Forecasting 01/07/2010
Brian Gardner (FHWA); Jeff Shelton (TTI) Large Area Transport Simulations: Climbing the Mountain - Near Term Research Challenges 01/08/2010